Recruitment 2020

Studies on the specialty of Gas Technology and Renewable Energy (GT&RE) are addressed to people who are interested in working in companies of energy sector, dealing with thermal energy processes, gas technologies and renewable energy. 

The theoretical scope of the studies includes issues related to the design and use of energy equipment and machines. As part of the laboratories and design classes, students have the opportunity to become familiar with the technical aspects of industrial facilities operation. They  become familiar with renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics, thermal conversion of biomass and waste as well as biogas plants. 

In addition to university staff, the courses are taught by people with industrial experience. 

Gas Technology and Renewable Energy speciality is perfectly suited continuation for BSc, Eng. graduates  field such as mechanical, power, environmental engineering, transport, chemistry and renewable energy.

Our specialization is carried out at the Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering, field of study: Mechanical Engineering.

See you on specialties GT&RE at Poznan University of Technology.

Flayer and scope of speciality.

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